Born in a garage by a couple of guys seeking the ultimate powder tool for a cat-ski road trip across British Columbia, Epic Planks has progressed into a young company that builds quality skis by hand in the U.S.A. and offers them to you at affordable prices. We take feedback to heart and pride ourselves on using this as a tool to connect with our customers, while continually improving the performance and quality of our skis.

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We started Epic Planks with a lean budget, a small garage, lots of ambition, limited ability, and a clunky press. One of our initial prototypes, a powder ski named the Floater, turned out to be a sweet runner that morphed into what is now the Crop Duster. From the get-go, we developed partnerships with top guides and athletes in search of consistent and reliable feedback to help us improve our designs.

With limited production capacity facing growing demand in our early years, we made the decision to order private-label production to supplement our supply. Though the designs were ours, the production quality of many of these outsourced skis was not up to par. The decision was made to forego outsourcing and manage 100% of production in-house in our Grand Rapids facility.

A few years and a lot of personal investment later, our company and output has progressed tremendously. We take pride in our award-winning lineup of quality handmade skis that we can put into your hands at affordable pricing.

Construction & Design

As a young manufacturer we’re not locked into a corporate mindset of accepted production methods and materials; often, we adapt as we go to produce high-quality, innovative designs and processes. One of our core values is rider feedback. We believe that an engaged customer base fuels the growth and progression of the industry.

We believe in the marriage of art and precision to create the highest-quality, most consistent products that leave our doors. Many steps are of course made by hand, such as planing rough-sawn lumber to glue into core blocks, layup, and finishing. For other steps we nerd out, using technology to create the most repeatable, consistent products possible, including machined aluminium (rather than MDF) molds in the press, CNC-planed wood cores, and CNC-machined tips and tails.  

Our urethane sidewalls are poured in a continuous sidewall channel around what will be the eventual outline of the ski or board, creating a seamless barrier of protection against the elements, eliminating weak points, and decreasing material waste. In addition to better durability, the tight tolerances we achieve with poured sidewalls enhance performance by allowing us to completely eliminate plastic tip spacer and extend the full wood core to the tips and tails of the ski.  

We’ve also taken innovation to the ski core level. Taking a hint from the snowboard manufacturing side, we build a pair of skis out of one married wood core, giving the ultimate in flex consistency to a pair of skis. The first time that a married pair of skis separates is when it comes out of the press and meets the bandsaw.

Keep an eye out as we continue to document and release a queue of innovative designs that have never been introduced to the ski industry.