Monday, August 5th, 2013

2013-2014 Model Year Epic Planks Mounting Guide & Tech Specifications

Winter will be here before we know it! It’s time to release the 2013-2014 Epic Planks Ski Mounting Guide and Technical Specifications. This document includes recommended all-mountain and freeride binding mount points for the Crop Duster, Ripper, Vaporizer, and Heisenberg skis, as well as additional design info such as ski dimensions, radius, relative flex, and the nitty gritty details of effective edge, running length, and rocker/camber measurements.

Epic Planks Ski Mounting Guide and Technical Specifications: Download PDF.

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Epic Planks SuperUnknown X Semi-Finalists

Mike King SuperUnknown X

A big congratulations is in order to Mike King and Sam Zahner for making the cut and reaching the semi-finals of the Level 1 Productions SuperUnknown X contest.  Here is a look at their entries:


Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Splitboard Conversion with an Epic Planks x Founders Stash Snowboard

Epic Planks rider Danny Arnold recently decided to convert his Epic Planks Stash AMP snowboard into a splitboard.  Here is a look at Danny’s journal as he goes through the process:

My first impression when I had my snowboard ready, splitboard kit at my side, and all of the tools ready, was “oh crap”. At first the task seemed to be scary and unrealistic. But you quickly have to get over all that and go for it. The first cut is of course the scariest part, measuring over and over to delay the worst. The rest seemed easy compared to the first cut, because ʻits already cut in half, whats the worst that could happenʼ. The rest seems to go smoothly once you get the hang of drilling huge holes all over your beautiful snowboard.

The first cut is the hardest. Be sure to have a saw that can cut wood as well as metal, or use a hack saw to cut through the edges ahead of time. The cut doesn’t even have to be perfect since the board only has to line up with itself.

At this point the there is no turning back. So the journey continues!



Put a small 45 degree bevel on the new inside edge of the snowboard, top and bottom. Just to make it less brittle to sidewall impact.

The next thing I did was line up the holes with the stickers provided to mount the hardware. It is important when mounting the rotating hooks that you place them correctly depending on the camber and nose/ tail rise of your board. They must be mounted on a flat point about 3 inches back from the beginning on the rise. This way they will be able to rotate out of the way when you do not need them.
 Also don’t forget to have your dog help you line up your stance for your bindings, you only get one shot at this so make sure your angles and stance width is perfect!


The Split Hooks are a pretty straightforward drill. The screws need to be countersunk from the bottom. The directions give no good advice to go about this, and neither do I. I just guessed and kept drilling until they sat flush with the base of the board.


Hooks Rotating freely:

The holes for the nose and tail clips are pretty straight forward. (left picture)Just drill the holes using the sticker provided using a 3/16 drill bit. But then it gets weird, with this little seemingly useless piece of hardware only necessary because it wont work properly with out it. (right picture)This piece is only found in DIY split kits, and could be easily avoided by ordering replacement nose/tail clips from Voile, but I was not about to wait around for that and I had a drill at my side. So I went for it.


So with the clip piece provided you must drill a hole 1/8 of an inch down but not all the way through, and then seal the piece in with wood glue along with the rivet. The tricky part is lining it up perfect so it can fit in the hole and on the rivet at the same time.

The rivets provided
 come with no tools
 and there is no really
 good way of getting it
 done without the
proper rivet gun. You
 kind of just have to 
pound it with a
 hammer along with something strong and pointy until you say
 “huh, I guess that will work”.

Once you have the holes drilled, and have put some wood glue in every hole and mount up the hardware, now you can put it together and see if everything lines up! And luckily it did!



Then the big holes come. The only way to do it is line it up, and go for it. At this point I became confused by the directions which is why I would like to clarify. A 1/8″ drill bit should be used to drill the pilot holes, THEN the 3/4 counter bore from the bottom of the board to sink the inserts, THEN drill the 9/32″ hole that the screw inserts go into. Because I did the 9/32″ hole before the counterbore I was not able to line the counterbore up perfectly, so I had to resort to using a 1 inch counterbore to compensate my inaccurate drilling.



I would almost recommend using 1 inch counterbore to anyone doing their split board at home just because having a little extra room for the inserts is better than not enough. You will be filling it in with p-tex anyways, plus you are drilling huge holes into the bottom of a snowboard so what the heck.


The next step after the holes and counterbores are drilled, is to insert the inserts. Hah! I used wood glue to seal the core before pounding the inserts in, that way if the p-tex was compromised while riding, the core would hopefully remain dry. I then lined up the inserts, and pounded them in real good with a hammer.



View from the bottom, all inserts inserted and ready to be p-texed (left)

This is a view of the inserts from the top, just a little bit peeking over the top sheet to insure a tight fit. (Right)








Another important step is to create a sidewall using epoxy resin. This seals the core from water and hopefully will protect it from impacts. I used some marine epoxy because of its water tight properties, and because there was not much of a selection at my local hardware store. But the key is to seal every bit of wood core and sand it down smooth, and make it look nice in the process. I have used the board quite a bit and have found no problems yet, but I always have some extra epoxy and p-tex on me on trips if something goes wrong.

A few coats will be needed to fully cover every speck of core. Sand it thoroughly to make sure that the board still fits together nice and snug.

The huge 18 holes used to mount the bindings for riding and skinning have to be filled with p-tex. A HUGE amount of it too! I went to my local tune shop to fill the holes and get a nice wax job while I was at it. I recommend going to a shop for this unless you have a large amount of p-tex laying around the house!

A nice hot wax is mandatory at this point, after the board has been bouncing around the garage a few days, it gets almost as dry as a board could get.

NOW the only thing left to do, is slap some bindings on there, and go earn some turns!

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

“Beast Coast” on the East Coast.

If you haven’t checked out Chapter I and Chapter II of the “Beast Coast” series yet, you definitely should!

The “Beast Coast” web series features four very talented skiers, Sam Zahner (16), Mike Galdi (19), Michael Cappola (17), and Mike Urich (22). With the help and sponsorship from Epic Planks, these guys were able to create a series of some sick skiing and edits!

Slaying tricks on the rails and stomping kickers is 16-year-old Sam Zahner’s forte.  About five years ago, Sam moved from St. Louis Missouri to northern New Jersey, where he began to learn how to ski.  After one year of mastering this winter sport, Sam started his up and coming career in the park.  To further his ability in the park during the off season of summer, Sam spends his time on the trampoline at home, throwing down new tricks before he takes them to the snow.  Now sponsored by Epic Planks, he continues to advance his talent in the park and hopes to further his skiing career out west after graduating high school.

19-year-old Andrew Keyser is the sole-creator, cinematographer, and editor behind this gnarly series.  Originally from New Jersey, he now lives in New York City pursuing his passion in the film industry.  Andrew has been skiing since the age of five and has only been skiing the park for four years.  His fascination for ski and snowboard films grew as he developed in the park; wanting to make his own edits became a goal.  In the words of Andrew Keyser, he bought his first camera “at the dawn of the DSLR boom” and has been filming for two years now.  Aside from ski edits, he has also composed some cliff jumping and surfing films.  His entire life involves filming.  Attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he is also self-employed and owns his own freelance production company called Andrew Keyser Media.  Andrew hopes to continue his film career and love for story telling into developing dialogue driven work as a director, so watch out for his name on the big screen one day! “Filming was a way to express my point of view, and I really digged that.”

Unlike most ski and snowboard edits, coming up with “Beast Coast” was accidental!  Andrew’s sole intention of traveling to the east coast over winter break was to film an edit for Mike Galdi at Mt. Snow in Vermont.  After filming, they didn’t get as much footage as they had hoped for.  Previously knowing Sam, Andrew contacted him and asked if he wanted in on this edit.  With no hesitation, Sam was on board.  Their first stop was at Big Boulder Park, Pennsylvania.  Being early in the season, there was not much built in the park.  After a few runs, they headed out to Mountain Creek for the afternoon and met Mike there for some more shots.  By the end of the day, they had captured enough footage, stoked to complete the film.  Trying to contrive a name for the new series, “Beast Coast” was stuck in Andrew’s mind, becoming the title after a few votes and getting many likes from friends.

Both Chapters I and II of the “Beast Coast” series have been featured on Newschoolers as Video of the Day.  The guys hope to release a Chapter III soon, so watch out for another sick edit that will end this ski and snowboard season with a bang!

Words by Brittany Waldron.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Stash AMP Giveaway

Our friends at just wrapped up a review of the handmade Stash AMP snowboard and are now giving the board away for free.  To win, you just need to be a member of the Komunity website and use your props (earned through site activity) to bid.

To snag this handmade 157cm Stash AMP snowboard for free, head on over to the Prop Market on Komunity:

Best of luck!

Epic Planks Stash Giveaway






Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Grand Rapids Ski Film Fest

Saturday, November 24, 2012.

With the winter season approaching, ski and snowboard fanatics await the latest and greatest films that get people stoked for the upcoming ski season.  The Grand Rapids Ski Film Fest, presented by Epic Planks, did exactly that!

“Act Natural”, filmed by Toy Soldier Productions, and “Sunny”, filmed by Level 1 Productions, premiered at the Wealthy Theatre in the Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The films documented all kinds of urban skiing and snowboarding, as well as some awesome riding all around the world.  Epic Planks sponsored the Film Fest, giving away endless amount of free swag; stickers, posters, t-shirts, beanies, and more.  Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus, Mountain Hardware, and MiSkiReport also set up an information station, allowing everyone who was there to pick up some free stickers, hang out, and chat before the first movie premiered.

Epic Planks was not the only giver of free swag.  Some other awesome prizes from the free raffle included free Cannonsburg Ski Area lift tickets, Dye Snow Goggles, backpacks, hats, and beanies from Mountain Hardware, tees from LOH and MiSkiReport, discounted lift tickets to Shanty Creek Ski Resort and Caberfae Ski Resort, 24 square feet of mSnow (accompanied by some mWax) and so much more to get people hyped for the snow!  Two awesome ski films, accompanied with a little beer, awesome friends, and free swag, always starts the season out right.

Words and Photos by Brittany Waldron.






Monday, October 1st, 2012

2012-2013 Epic Planks Tech Specs and Mounting Points

Now that the 2012-2013 product line is hitting the shelves you might find this post handy! Take a look here if you’re looking to buy and are interested in the nitty gritty, or if you need to know where to throw the bindings on your new sticks.

Crop Duster

Poplar Core / Full Vertical Sidewall / Tip & Tail Rocker / Zero Camber / Directional Twin

175cm – 143/114/133
185cm – 151/122/140

Turning Radius:
175cm – 22.5m
185m – 26.3m

Recommended Mounting Position (Boot Sole Center):
175cm – 81cm from tail (pow); 85 (freeride)
185cm – 86cm from tail (pow); 90 (freeride)



Poplar Core / Full Vertical Sidewall / Early Rise / Camber / Directional Twin

175cm – 133/98/125
185cm – 139/104/130

Turning Radius:
175cm – 15.6m
185cm – 17.2m

Recommended Mounting Position (Boot Sole Center):
175cm – 82cm from tail
185cm – 86cm from tail



Poplar Core / Full Vertical Sidewall / Tip & Tail Rocker / Camber / True Twin

165cm/175cm/185cm – 117/93/117

Turning Radius:
165cm – 17.5m
175cm – 20m
185cm – 23.4m

Recommended Mounting Position (Boot Sole Center):
165cm – 82cm from tail
175cm – 87cm from tail
185cm – 92cm from tail

Stash AMP /Park

Spruce & Ash Core / Full Vertical Sidewall / Reverse Camber

148 Park – 287-248-287 – R 7.6m 80-150 LBS
152 Park – 291-251-291 – R 7.9m 90-170 LBS
155 Park – 295-254-295 – R 8.1m 100-190 LBS
157 Park – 297-255-297 – R 8.3m 120-230 LBS
157 AMP – 297-255-297 – R 8.3m 120-240 LBS
157 AMP WIDE – 323-280-323 – R 8.2m 130-250 LBS
160 AMP – 295-250-295 – R 7.9m 130-250 LBS
163 AMP – 310-261-310 – R 8m 140-260 LBS
163 AMP WIDE – 330-281-330 – R 10m 150-270 LBS

Friday, August 24th, 2012

A New Home for Epic Planks

Some of you may have noticed some Facebook photos of our new production facility in Grand Rapids, which we moved into a little while ago. Over the past month we’ve been busy organizing the space, building an interior “dirty” trimming room to keep fiberglass dust contained, and picking up some additional goodies like our new edge/base grinder and waxing machines. While we’re not entirely self-sufficient yet, we’re very close, with an emphasis on sourcing 100% of our production materials from the States, like using sustainable poplar harvested from the Northern Michigan forests and processed at a local sawmill.

As we gain efficiency, we’re going to be able to offer some pretty cool customization features so that you know your skis and board were made with love just for you. Lots of concepts are floating around, from easy stuff like graphics options to more advanced ideas like allowing someone to order a custom flex pattern – want a little bit softer tip on those Crop Dusters or a little stiffer tail on those Vaporizers? We are looking forward to saying “No problem, coming right up. Would you like poles with that?”

We’re stoked about our new factory and the road we’re heading down with building custom handmade skis and snowboards for riders who want something a little different than a ski pressed on an assembly line alongside 99,999 of its identical twins overseas. If you live around Grand Rapids or are passing through, drop us a line if you’d like to check out our digs. As long as we’re home and not too tied up we’re always happy to show you around, explain how stuff works, share one of the beers we brewed up or shoot a game of pool.


Friday, April 6th, 2012

Germination S1 E3 Skiing Summit County with Danny Arnold

Spend a few days skiing in Summit County with Epic Planks rider Danny Arnold. Danny is originally from Grand Haven, Michigan and moved out to Breckenridge this year for his first season in Colorado. Follow along as Danny skis and snowboards at Keystone and Breckenridge, while also getting in some practice time while visiting Woodward at Copper.


  • Danny Arnold


  • Keystone, Breckenridge, and Woodward at Copper


Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Germination S1 E2 A Few Days in Revy

Join Kaleb Weston of Inflik Media and Epic Planks athletes Matt Ruta, Richard Small, and Teodor Day as they shred the pow at Revelstoke Mountain Resort during the Revelstoke stop of the Freeskiing World Tour. The guys had a blast enjoying the deep powder and steeps of Revelstoke Mountain Resort, while Richard Small made his way to the finals of the Freeskiing World Tour event.

Riders: Matt Ruta, Richard Small, and Teodor Day

Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia, Canada

About Epic Planks: Epic Planks is a handmade ski and snowboard company committed to creating innovative products while taking customer feedback to heart in order to progress the product line in a positive direction. Epic Planks has established partnerships with park skiers, cat skiing, and heli skiing guides worldwide. These partnerships have resulted in a solid lineup of rider designed handmade park skis, powder skis, all mountain skis, park snowboards, and all mountain snowboards.

About Inflik Media: Kaleb was born and raised in Revelstoke, British Columbia. He learned to ski on what used to be Powder Springs, a small 2 person chair going only a few hundred feet up the mountain. That small hidden ski hill has now grown into a world class resort known as Revelstoke Mountain Resort. His love for film began with a Christmas present in 2007. Since then he has grown out of the small compact camcorder and into the world of large HD cameras, SLR’s, and SteadiCams. Travelling around the BC Interior, Kaleb can be found at any deep powder stash or fresh groomed park with his bag of camera gear and a great idea for his next edit.

About Germination: Germination is a new web video series documenting the growth and progress of a young ski and snowboard company. The seed of Epic Planks was planted in 2009, follow along as this seed grows….