“Beast Coast” on the East Coast.

If you haven’t checked out Chapter I and Chapter II of the “Beast Coast” series yet, you definitely should!

The “Beast Coast” web series features four very talented skiers, Sam Zahner (16), Mike Galdi (19), Michael Cappola (17), and Mike Urich (22). With the help and sponsorship from Epic Planks, these guys were able to create a series of some sick skiing and edits!

Slaying tricks on the rails and stomping kickers is 16-year-old Sam Zahner’s forte.  About five years ago, Sam moved from St. Louis Missouri to northern New Jersey, where he began to learn how to ski.  After one year of mastering this winter sport, Sam started his up and coming career in the park.  To further his ability in the park during the off season of summer, Sam spends his time on the trampoline at home, throwing down new tricks before he takes them to the snow.  Now sponsored by Epic Planks, he continues to advance his talent in the park and hopes to further his skiing career out west after graduating high school.

19-year-old Andrew Keyser is the sole-creator, cinematographer, and editor behind this gnarly series.  Originally from New Jersey, he now lives in New York City pursuing his passion in the film industry.  Andrew has been skiing since the age of five and has only been skiing the park for four years.  His fascination for ski and snowboard films grew as he developed in the park; wanting to make his own edits became a goal.  In the words of Andrew Keyser, he bought his first camera “at the dawn of the DSLR boom” and has been filming for two years now.  Aside from ski edits, he has also composed some cliff jumping and surfing films.  His entire life involves filming.  Attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he is also self-employed and owns his own freelance production company called Andrew Keyser Media.  Andrew hopes to continue his film career and love for story telling into developing dialogue driven work as a director, so watch out for his name on the big screen one day! “Filming was a way to express my point of view, and I really digged that.”

Unlike most ski and snowboard edits, coming up with “Beast Coast” was accidental!  Andrew’s sole intention of traveling to the east coast over winter break was to film an edit for Mike Galdi at Mt. Snow in Vermont.  After filming, they didn’t get as much footage as they had hoped for.  Previously knowing Sam, Andrew contacted him and asked if he wanted in on this edit.  With no hesitation, Sam was on board.  Their first stop was at Big Boulder Park, Pennsylvania.  Being early in the season, there was not much built in the park.  After a few runs, they headed out to Mountain Creek for the afternoon and met Mike there for some more shots.  By the end of the day, they had captured enough footage, stoked to complete the film.  Trying to contrive a name for the new series, “Beast Coast” was stuck in Andrew’s mind, becoming the title after a few votes and getting many likes from friends.

Both Chapters I and II of the “Beast Coast” series have been featured on Newschoolers as Video of the Day.  The guys hope to release a Chapter III soon, so watch out for another sick edit that will end this ski and snowboard season with a bang!

Words by Brittany Waldron.

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