Ryan Lanham

Arnette Crew Clash- Stoop Kids from Super Dad on Vimeo.

Born and raised (location)? ... Midland, MI

Current location? ... Salt Lake City, UT

Age? ... 18

Favorite conditions? ... Chowder for days

Home slope? ... Shanty Creek!

Other sports? ... Wakeboarding, Skateboarding

Best music to ride to? ... Ricky Rosay


If you could have any graphics on some skis what would it be? ... A spread of NWA or a Ronald Regan Campaign poster

Do tall tees make you look like your wearing a snuggy, or hanging with tellatubbies? ... Snuggy

Best ski trip ever? ... Northstar 2 years ago!

Competition results? ... 13th in the nationals slopestyle competition, Various wins in USASA comps

Plans for next season? ... Head out to University of Utah and ride at Brighton

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? ... Utah or California

Been in any films? Links to edits? ... Get Frosty!

Other sponsors? ... Banshee Bungee, Stoop Mitts

Guilty pleasure? ... None